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The wetter the light the better

. . I was so into filming that I forgot how nice under water photography can be too… . . .. . .  


. A new model for a new painting. This new model of a pied avocet is a bit more complex than most of my models. . I made each flight feather individually adjustable, so I can make any ‘flying avocet’ design for future paintings. How beautiful they are! I knew that of course, but by diving so intensively into this project, I now realize this even more. . .


Even though it hardly reaches above your knees, the wolverine is still the world’s largest landmarten in the world.

Icy waters

.. Snorkling is a bit harder than usual when there is ice covering the water. There were very few fish to be seen too. But the surface crust makes it all worth it! . . . .

Filming in 2016

. In 2016 I have been filming wildlife for different clients, mainly in the sea and in fresh water.

Filming in 2015

. In 2015 I mainly was under water, filming wildlife for different clients in the sea and in fresh water. . . . . . . .

Filming in 2014

Excuse me for posting so little items on this blog; I have been kinda busy… To keep you informed a bit:

France trip report 2013

   Vosges . The family went to France on vacation again. This time we started in the sparsely populated Vosges mountains in the North east.

Senegal and Gambia 2006 Trip report

. In November 2006 I guided a 25 day long wildlife tour through Senegal and the Gambia.

Serbia 2009 Trip report

. . Wild Wonders of Europe sent me and Ruben Smit in June 2009 to Serbia, to photograph the wonders of Serbian wildlife.

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