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  • Jeroen Verhoeff was born in the Netherlands, in the city of Vlaardingen. If you love wild nature, Vlaardingen probably is one of the worst places in the world to grow up in. But he did anyway, and still became absolutely hooked on wild nature nonetheless..website-about-a-24-11-2016-700.
  • Trying to escape from his unpristine surroundings, he discovered that the ¬†under water world was relatively free from people and their negative effects, so snorkeling became one of his true passions. Vacations abroad taught him pristine nature can still be found above water too, if you look carefully enough.
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  • As drawing seemed to be a talent, eventually painting wild animals turned out to be an everlasting hobby and profession. Getting bored and restless rather easily, he also works as a wildlife photographer, a wildlife guide, a wildlife illustrator, a wildlife cartoonist, a wildlife cameraman and a wildlife film maker.
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    Besides his pursuit of perfection, his drive expresses itself especially in his strive for purity. Nothing is more beautiful than pristine nature itself, so if you want to depict it, be it as a painting or as a movie, stay as close as possible to that source. Tricks, manipulation, added effects, post editing, copying: he thinks they are merely admissions of weakness and tries to stay away from them as an image maker. However, it does not make thing much easier though.

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