‘The roadkill vegetarian’

Posted on by Jeroen Verhoeff

The roadkill vegetarian

Of all the things we can do to save the planet, eating as little meat as possible is the easiest and most effective. I like meat, but I am a vegetarian because I love my children but I also care about my children (think about that for a moment!). But if I find roadkill or other dead animals it would be a a shame to waste it, right? (Yes, so I am a scavenger, aren’t you? What was the last time you killed an animal and ate it on the spot? Right: most meat we eat is days or weeks old and are killed by others; so the majority of us qualifies quite a bit as scavengers). In addition to being ethically responsible and sustainable, this is also the tastiest free-range meat there is. This city pigeon that had just been hit by traffic tasted real fine. (Don’t try this at home if you don’t know enough about bird diseases and corpse-freshness).