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New painting: ocelot

. I love wild cats, but this is only my second cat painting. . .

A new orca painting

. A new orca painting has been added to the gallery; see here. . .

A new owl painting.

. And a new owl painting is finished! . See here for the result. . .

New showreel

. My new showreel is now on vimeo! I love it; what do you think? . .

Goshawk study

Blog Jeroen Verhoeff jan 2019 goshawk study

Eurasian goshawk, female, colour pencil study. Before I start a new painting I first have to make sure that I have a good basic design of the animal.

African market

. Market place, the Gambia, Africa.


.. ‘Waiting’, acrylic paint on board, 1996, Jeroen Verhoeff. Knots, oystercatchers and turnstones are waiting for the turn of the tide.

Jerry Dangerpants!

. I spooked this Montpellier snake and it immediatly seeked refuge in my trousers, where it went all the way up. There, it curled up against my private parts and decided to stay put.

Animal attack!

. While snorkeling in a floodplainpool I felt something itchy on my cheek.

My first self produced wildlife film!

. Jeroen’s first wildlife film ‘Peaceful Dark Noisy Bright’ is now online, for free and in 4K!