Trip reports

Jerry Dangerpants!

. I spooked this Montpellier snake and it immediatly seeked refuge in my trousers, where it went all the way up. There, it curled up against my private parts and decided to stay put.

France trip report 2013

   Vosges . The family went to France on vacation again. This time we started in the sparsely populated Vosges mountains in the North east.

Serbia 2009 Trip report

. . Wild Wonders of Europe sent me and Ruben Smit in June 2009 to Serbia, to photograph the wonders of Serbian wildlife.

Costa Rica 2007 Trip report

. In 2007 I was asked if I wanted to guide a group of six people on a 24 day wildlife spotting trip around Costa Rica.

Poland 2007 Trip report

. . (This trip report is still under construction…Dutch text will be translated asap…) . In May 2007 I visited the Biebzra river marshes and the Bialowieza forest in Eastern-Poland.

Senegal and Gambia 2006 Trip report

. In November 2006 I guided a 25 day long wildlife tour through Senegal and the Gambia.

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